Eyelash Extensions 

Discover how amazing your eyes can look with our eyelash extensions. Our eyelash extensions look very natural and feel like actual eyelashes. 

Indulge Me Synthetic Mink Full Set                                        $148 ($160 Value) 60-70 min
Full Set of fuller, longer, and sexier lashes! Synthetic Mink lashes are applied individually to bring out the dramatic look.

Me Time Signature Silk Mink Full Set                                    $158 ($220 Value) 60-70 min

Full set of lightweight, feathery lashes that you couldn't believe you have them on.

Not only this Silk Mink individual eyelashes extension look so natural, but they also bring out the bombshell look. 

Superfine 3D Volume Silk Mink Full Set                             $178 ($250 Value) 90-110 min
Full Set of 3D Volume Silk Mink. Each Superfine Silk Mink 3D lash is applied to one single natural eyelash creating a soft and full look like never before!

Bottom Lashes Full Set                                                                             $70 ($85 Value) 60 min
Lower Eyelash Extensions for a fuller look.

Eyebrow Extensions                                                                        $109 ($160 Value) 60-70 min
Brow extensions fill in gaps and enhance eyebrow shapes.

Indulge Me Synthetic Mink Refill                                                   $60 ($90 Value) 60-70 min
Signature Indulge Silk Mink Refill                                               $70 ($130 Value) 60-70 min

3D Volume Refill                                                                                 $90 ($170 Value) 60-70 min

Eyebrow Touch up                                                                                $59 ($89 Value) 60-70 min

Eyelash Extension Removal                                                                  $35 ($45 Value) 35 min


Complimentary Silicone Brush for Your Eyelashes Extensions

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